Radio Electra - 2023

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Camping With Radio-Electra - Burning Man 2023


Camping in the Radio Electra camp is by direct "Invitation Only"

Camping in the Radio Electra camp is by direct "Invitation Only" We are a closed camp. We do not seek out new camp members each year. Returning camp members can not invite people to join the camp without asking the camp organizer first. Only the organizer, Rockstar can grant you permission to camp with us.

When we invite you there are a few things you need to know. as stated above, camping in the Radio Electra camp is by direct "Invitation Only." As much as we love all our friends, we are not a camp that seeks new members every year. The Radio Electra camp has a size limitation. We do not increase our size every year to make room for more people. If you get invited you must understand that we are inviting YOU ONLY, and not you and all your friends that want to tag along later. You should also understand that this camp exists for one reason, that is to secure a plot of Playa for a radio station that provides broadcast services to the citizens of Black Rock City. We did not create the camp for any other reason. The space for new people we invite is not provided simply because they are our friends or we have a 24 hour power grid and private porta potty for them to use. If you want to join us only for those two reasons, you are probably in the wrong camp.

Radio Electra expects all camp mates to participate in some way and not be spectators who show up just to see cool stuff and be entertained. Participants Only, No Spectators! Your participation may not be with the actual radio station itself. Examples of other ways to participate could be as a Black Rock Ranger, providing art for our camp, helping other artists on a project or volunteering for a Burning Man department, etc. However, regardless of how you participate you will still be required to help from time to time around our camp with set up, tear down and keeping the camp neat and clean.

The Radio Electra camp has a few other stipulations if you do join us. We do not have a loud audio system and we do not want one.

We do not operate a public bar, nor do we want one. If you play music outside in your personal camp space that can be heard by others in the camp, it must be playing what radio Electra is transmitting. You also agree that you will not use your personal generator in this camp to avoid contributing to the power grid. Details about the power grid be found on our "camp power" web page.

Lastly the Radio Electra Camp is a LOW DRAMA ZONE! We really want to have a good time with our friends. If you are a drama magnet you should think about camping elsewhere. Yes really! Honestly, please don’t put your camp mates through all that. We don’t want it ruining our fun.

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